Having fun with my new OP-Z tonight. It’s surprisingly accessible and forgiving for an amateur: makes it pretty easy to bang away until you arrive on something that sounds great. Quite a good range of sounds to play with, too.

Social networks need to by ubiquitous to work, but as long as the ubiquitous ones have vile business models, those of us who value privacy (at the very least) are screwed.

Infuriating. I was only active(ish) on Facebook because it’s where my family and friends actually saw stuff. But I hate the damn site. Get off, and within a few days you’re completely out of the loop, and YOU might as well not exist to any of your friends.

Final week of teaching for 2018, and I feel like I let everything else drop entirely. I hate that. But at least today the classes are done and I feel less crazed. Will relax today and reboot tomorrow, in time for grading final assignments.

It was stuck in the system for a few weeks due to the postal strike, but I finally got the Home Invasion Blu-ray set today. Great film of the best live show I’ve been to. Rock may be out of fashion, but so what when stuff like this still exists? youtu.be/jMh-QDTuG…

I keep trying to ditch Facebook but the whole world gets a bit too quiet when I do because no one I know IRL posts anywhere else. But it’s absolutely not worth it any more. So it’ll be here, cross-posted to Twitter I suppose.

I’ve done a pathetic job of using micro.blog, but I’m determined to change that. Even added podcasting, because it might be a better way all around to share my mediocre synth experiments in a place where I know who makes money from what.

Hazard of reading with a cat on your chest: just dropped my iPad Pro on my face, making my bite my lower lip. iPads may be light, but they still pack a wallop.

And now I see a nose mark on my screen, too.

Cool, cross-posting worked. Now it’s time for me to start using micro.blog for real. Post here on my own site, then let Twitter and Facebook be the drip pans.

So many annoying little teachy tasks this morning! But now I really must escape and put in an appearance at the gym. Too much sitting this week already.

So hard to get in the habit of posting (and reading) here. Even though I want to. Of course it took a while to get into Twitter, too.

Finally time to move past just coming up with interesting sounds on my Minimoog reissue and dive into actually becoming musical. Because I want to be able to show that thing off something fierce.